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Mail - Signature Preferences

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2016 12:49PM EST
The Signatures section allows you to create personalized signatures for your email messages that include text, or images. Creating personalized signatures, allows you to pre-define the font body and color and can be different from the default body font.

Your signature can be automatically added to outgoing messages, and you can create multiple addresses for different uses. For example, you may choose to address your reply or forward emails differently than your new messages.

Signature Options

  • Precede your signature with dashes ('-- ')? Check this option if you would like a line of dashes to be automatically inserted before your signature in email messages you compose to visually separate the signature from the body of the email message. Once selected, click Save.
  • Place your signature before replies and forwards? Check this option if you would like the appended text from a reply to appear below your message and signature.  By leaving this checkbox blank, this option will place your signature after all appended text in a reply. Once selected, click Save.
To Create a New Signature:
  1. In the Create Signature section, enter a title for your signature.
  2. In the text box, enter the details for your signature.
  3. Complete the following:
  • Select the font family and size.
  • Add formatting features, such as bold or underline.
  • Add an image or logo.
  1. Click Add.
    Once saved, you will see your newly created signature in the List of Signatures on the right-hand side of the screen.
To Edit a Signature:
  1. In the List of Signatures section, click the signature you want to modify.
  2. In the Edit Signature section, make the required modifications.
  3. Click Update.
To Delete a Signature:
  1. In the List of Signatures section, hover over the signature you want to delete and click the Trashcan icon.
  2. In the Confirmation dialog, click Delete.

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