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Mail - Managing Message Filters

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2016 12:48PM EST
This functionality will let you set up certain rules and conditions for your incoming email messages. For example, you may want to move emails from a specific into a folder.

All message rules are displayed in the Filtering Preferences page. The page lists items in a list view, which contains information about whether the message is active, the message content and an option to delete the message.

Managing Message Rules

To Create a Message Rule:
  1. In the Filtering Preferences Secondary Menu, click Add New Message Filter.
  2. In the Message Filter screen, complete the following:
  • Enter a name for your filter.
  • Select the Condition form the If drop-down.
  • Select To, Subject or From from the drop down menu and enter the data relevant to the field selected. For example if you have selected Subject, enter the subject(s) of emails.
  • To add an additional rule, select the Add icon.
  • Specify the action from the Perform the following actions drop-down.
  1. Click Add.
To Deactivate a Message Rule:
  • In the Enable column, clear the check box.
To Activate a Message Rule:
  • In the Enable column, select the check box.
To Edit a Message Rule:
  1. Hover over the message filter and click the message.
  2. In the Message Filters screen, make the required modifications.
  3. Click Update.
To Delete a Message Rule:
  1. Hover over the message filter you want to delete and click the Trashcan icon.
  2. In the Confirmation dialog, click Delete.
    Note: Permanently deleted Message Rules cannot be recovered. 

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