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Last Updated: Jan 05, 2016 12:47PM EST
With Auto Reply Messages, you can automate a reply with a pre-written message to all or certain email messages sent to your email account.
For example, you could set up an auto responder when you are out of office for a few days which could alert those emailing you that you are away.

Viewing Auto Reply Messages

All messages are stored and displayed on the right-hand side of the page. The page lists items in a list view, which contains information about whether the message is active (enabled), the message content and an option to delete the message.

Managing Auto Reply Messages

Managing auto replies includes viewing, editing, or deleting existing auto replies, as well as creating new replies.
To Create an Auto Reply Message:
  1. In the Auto Reply Secondary Menu, click Add New Auto Reply Message.
    Alternative, press alt+n.
  2. In the Auto-Reply Message screen, complete the following:
    • Title: Enter the title for your new message.
    • Specify Start/End Date: You can schedule your auto-reply to begin at a specific date and run until a specific date.
    • Specify Start/End Time: You can schedule your auto-reply to begin at a specific time and run until a specific time.
    • Condition: You may specify to respond only to specific messages sent to your account as opposed to all messages.
You may select one of the following email header fields in which the Condition Text will be applied:
  • All conditions
  • From specific address
    • To specific address
    • When CC’d
    • Subject contains
    • Condition Text: Specify the text which an incoming message must contain in its Condition email header field for your auto responder to be sent.
    • Message Text: In the large textbox to the right of “Message:” type the messages you would like the auto responder to email as a response.
  1. Click Add.
To Deactivate Auto Reply Messages:
  • In the Enable column, clear the checkbox.
To Activate Auto Reply Messages:
  • In the Enable column, select the checkbox.
    Note: If the message contains a previously specified date and time, please clear the date or make sure the date occurs in the future.
To Edit an Auto Reply Message:
  1. In the Auto Reply column, click the message.
  2. In the Edit Auto Reply Message screen, make the required modifications.
  3. Click Save.
To Delete an Auto Reply Message:
  1. In the Delete column, click the Trashcan icon.
  2. In the Confirmation dialog, click Delete.
Note: Permanently deleted Autor Reply Messages cannot be recovered.


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