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Mail - Advanced Preferences

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2016 12:47PM EST

Mail Settings

  • Reply-to-address: This option allows you to specify the email address used when a person is replying to your email.
  • From address: This option allows you to specify the “from” email address when sending email.
  • Forward emails to an alternate address: This option forwards all your mail to a specified email address.
  • Keep a copy of emails in the inbox: If this option is checked, mail will be delivered both to your account and the forwarding account.
  • Turn off threaded messages: This allows you to disable the grouping of messages.
  • Collapse all threaded messages: This will collapse all threaded messages.
  • Turn on message snippets: Let’s you display the most recent message.
  • Turn off attachment alert
  • Immediately delete messages when clicking delete
  • Turn on Inbox Zero: This allows you convert emails into task and reduces clutter in your Inbox.
  • Play sound when new mail arrives: You can choose yes or no to enable the sound alert for newly arrived email messages.
    • Upload a sound file: Allows you to upload a sound file from your computer.

 Collected Addresses

  • Disable address collection:
  • Clear collected addresses:

Application Settings

  • Default Webmail page after login: Allows you to specify which Webmail component should open after log-in.

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