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Mail - General Preferences

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2016 12:47PM EST
The General mail settings allows you to specify default settings, such as view mode, font style, indent options for reply/forward messages, your preferred language and date and time format.

With Mail Preferences, you can set the following options:
  • Full Name:  Your Full Name is what is displayed in the “From” field of messages you send.

Email Settings

  • Mailbox view mode: This drop-down option allows you to switch between Horizontal and Vertical views.
    • Horizontal view of the email message. (Mail Listing Panel on top and Mail Preview Panel on the bottom)
    • Vertical view of the email message (Mail Listing Panel on the left and Mail Preview Panel on the right)
  • Default compose mode: The two options available are “text” or “html”.
    • Text: This option allows you type your message in plain text without any special formatting.
    • HTML: This option allows you to type your message using HTML code to specify special formatting.  You may change the font face, size, color and weight as well as include bullets, indents, text justification and background color.
  • Reply/Forward mode: This option refers to the format of the text of the email messages that you choose to reply to or forward. The options available here are: “Original”, “text” or “html”. Original refers to keeping the format the same as it was received in.
  • Default font type:
  • Default font size:
  • Default font color:
  • Indent text when replying and forwarding:

Date and Language Settings

  • Select your preferred language: You can select your preferred language to display the WebMail interface.
  • Time Format:  This allows you to adjust the time to a format you prefer.
  • Date format: This allows you to adjust the date to a format you prefer.
  • Time zone: This allows you to set the time zone. 

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