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Last Updated: Jan 05, 2016 12:46PM EST
The WebMail Preferences section allows you to manage the following options:
  • Mail
    • General - The General mail settings allows you to specify default settings, such as view mode, font style, indent options for reply/forward messages, your preferred language and date and time format.
    • Advanced – this section allows you to specify default settings and behaviour for your email.
    • Account Security - this section allows you to change your Webmail password or create/modify your security question.
    • Social – this section allows you to connect to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account.
    • Spam – this section allows you to set the spam filtering options for your email account.
    • Auto Reply – this section allows you to automate a reply with a pre-written message to all or certain email messages sent to your email account.
    • Message Filters – this section allows you set up certain rules and conditions for your incoming email messages. For example, you may want to move emails from a specific into a folder.
    • Signatures – this section allows you create and manage your signatures.
    • Highlighting – this section allows you to set highlighting parameters to help filter through emails.
    • Image Rules – this section allows you specify settings for incoming image attachments/
    • PGP Keys – this section uses PGP to send an encrypted digital signature that lets the receiver verify the sender's identity and know that the message was not changed en-route.
    • Data Usage – this section displays statistical information about your account. This section includes information about the amount of disk space used, as well as a breakdown based on activity.
  • Calendar
    • General – this section allows you to specify default settings and views, as well as creating sharing links and adding default locations.
  • Mobile
    • General – this section explains how to synchronize your mobile device to Webmail.

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