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Displaying Email Messages

Last Updated: Nov 04, 2016 12:51PM EDT

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Displaying Email Messages

Webmail uses the preview pane to display email messages. The preview pane can be set up horizontally or vertically based on your preference. A list of emails is displayed to the left (vertical view) or on the top (horizontal view) of the preview pane. In addition to listing emails details such as subject, sender and date, you can also choose to display email snippets. Adding snippets provides limited content from the email under the subject line.

When an email is clicked on from the Secondary menu, the Preview pane displays the contents of a selected message.  For the selected message, the following information is displayed:

  • Header Fields (i.e. To, From, Subject, Date)

  • Attachments

  • Message Body

Sorting Received Email

Sorting emails allows you to display email based on specific criteria. You can display email based on email attributes, emails marked as favorites or tagged as priority. The default sorting for emails is set to “ID”; however, you can choose any of the following list options:

  • ID

  • Date

  • Sender

  • Message Size

  • Starred Message

  • Message with Attachment

  • Priority

  • Calendar Event

To Star Messages:
  • To save the message as a favorite, click the Star beside the message.

To Tag a Message as Priority:

  1. Select the email that you want to tag.

  2. Select Priority from the Tag drop-down.

To view or save message attachments:

  • Click on the attachment in the email to download.
    Alternatively, you can view all attachments by clicking on the Attachments folder.

To Turn on Snippets:

  1. From the Primary menu, click Preferences.

  2. From the Mail drop-down, click Advanced.

  3. Select the Turn on message snippets option.

  4. Click Save.

Displaying Email from Other Platforms

If you have email accounts with Platforms such as Gmail or Hotmail, you can add their accounts through Mail Preferences and display them in your Inbox.

When displaying emails within Webmail, your mail will be synchronized with your source email. That means when you perform mail management tasks, such as compose, forward or delete from Webmail, the actions are also performed within the source platform. If you have any folders set up within your email account, they will be displayed in Webmail. You can add or delete folders in Webmail and this will be represented in your email platform.

Note: Before you can display emails from another platform, you must enable sharing or IMAP services in your email platform.

To display emails from another platform, you need to add the account through Preferences > Mail > Accounts. For more information, please see Accounts in the Preferences section.

Displaying Threaded Messages

In addition to the standard display of email messages, you can also thread messages into groups. Threading messages allows you to group all messages sent and received regarding a specific topic. To minimize email clutter, you can also collapse these emails. When collapsed, a total number of emails regarding this topic will be displayed. Threaded messages are enabled by default; however, through the Preferences section, you can disable them or set to collapse.

To Turn Off Threaded Messages:

  1. From the Primary menu, click Preferences.

  2. Expand the Mail preferences and click Advanced.

  3. Click the Turn off threaded messages option.

To Collapse Threaded Messages:

  1. From the Primary menu, click Preferences.

  2. Expand the Mail preferences and click Advanced.

  3. Click the Collapse all threaded messages option.

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