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Sending an Email

Last Updated: Nov 04, 2016 02:37PM EDT

Webmail allows you to compose a new email, or reply or forward an existing email. For more information on the quick-launch buttons for composing an email, see Secondary Inbox Menu. You can also send email messages from your Contacts list. You can send an email to an individual contact or group of contacts.

To Send an Email:

  1. In the Secondary Menu, click the Compose icon.

  2. In the New Message screen, complete the following:

  • Enter Recipient(s) email addresses:

    • To: the email address of your recipients.

    • CC: the email address of the recipients you would like to send a copy of your message to.

    • BCC: the email address of the recipients you would like to send a copy of your message to without the other recipients (To: or CC :) seeing the addresses placed in this field.

Note: Auto complete remembers your email contacts you have previously entered into the TO, CC, BCC Fields.  Type in a portion of the email address, a drop down menu with matching or similar contact will be listed, click on the email address to accept.

  • Enter the subject line.

    • If your compose mode is set to HTML, you can change the font type, size, color and weight as well as include bullets, indents, text justification and background color.


  • Type message details in the body field

  1. To add an attachment, click on the Attachment icon and browse to your file location.

  2. To modify the default signature option, click the Signatures drop-down and select the signature that you want to add.

  3. Click More to complete the following:

  • Request read receipts: sends an indicator email when the recipient has opened the email.

  • Make Priority – adds a priority status to the subject line.

  1. Click Send.

To Email a Group:

  1. From the Primary menu, click Contacts.

  2. From the Groups drop-down, click the group for which you want to email.

  3. Select the Mail icon.
    The standard send mail page opens.

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